Cookie Policy

A. What are cookies

Cookies are small text files websites send to the user's devices in order to remember navigation preferences, like language or accessibility options, as well as, sometimes, track statistics and user behavior. Therefore, not every cookie is equal. The cookies used by this website are described below.

B. Technical nd aggregate statistical cookies

This website makes use of a session cookie, which lasts until the user closes the browser, that stores navigation preferences, enable security features (such as DDoS attack prevention) and let registered users log in to the website. The storage duration of this cookie may be extended by selecting the option "Remember Me" in the log in form.

Anonymous analytics cookies may be deployed to collect anonymous aggregated information on the number of users and the website performance.

C. Profiling cookies from first and third parties

This website does not currently use profiling cookies from first and third parties.

D. Cookies used

Name Type Description Duration
session Technical Abuse prevention, login management, navigation preferences Session
remember_token Technical Enables Remember Me functionality 1 year
consent Technical Stores cookies preferences 1 year
__stripe_mid (or "muid") Technical Fraud prevention for payments 1 year
__stripe_sid (or "sid") Technical Fraud prevention for payments 30 minutes
m (or "guid") Technical Fraud prevention for payments 2 years
_gat_gtag_UA_164675372_33 Analytics (anonimized) Google Analytics 1 minute
_ga Analytics (anonimized) Google Analytics 2 years
_gid Analytics (anonimized) Google Analytics 24 hours
Facebook Cookies Advertising See Facebook Cookie Policy for more details -

Note: cookies used may be subject to change. We are committed to keeping the list up to date.

E. Manage Your cookies preferences

In order to update your preferences on how this website uses cookies, CLICK HERE.

You can also manage and block cookies from Your browser settings. Some browsers also provide a "Do Not Track" functionality to prevent tracking. More information is available at the followinf links:

We value your privacy

We and our partners use cookies and similar technologies to implement all the functionalities of this website. These cookies are necessary to correctly provide all our services, and cannot be disabled. We also use cookies to personalize advertising and show you content that is relevant for you and gather performance and audience insights, which are optional. You can get more information and change your preferences at any time by visiting our Cookie Policy.