ESG Portal Rating

The ESG Portal Rating

The ESG Portal is a sustainability rating that assesses a public or private organization's compliance, its implementation and its enforcement of ESG requirements, meaning its environmental, social and governance performance.

It is an essential supplement to the traditional rating, which only takes into consideration economic and financial variables. The purpose is to provide information relating to the positioning of an organization in ESG matters, thus improving the ability to evaluate both consequent investment choices and forms of collaboration or partnership.

IThe ESG Portal Rating is drawn up by professionals and certification bodies that are ESG Portal partners, specialized in the analysis of sustainability data.

Data already present in the ESG Portal declaration, together with more specific requirements relating to the organization's activity, are thoroughly evaluated and a three-level score is assigned.

At the end of the audit, a statement is issued that allows the assessed organization to show its environmental, social and governance performance to the market and institutions through an ESG Rating.

Why should I obtain an ESG Portal Rating?

The ESG Portal rating is an effective way to meet ESG requirements from interested parties, because it is issued by professionals who can clearly, objectively and transparently assess an organization’s commitment to environmental, social and governance issues.

"If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it."

William Thomson Kelvin

Measurements are the basis for any attempt to improve because they give us a clear idea of where we are and, more significantly, show us how we are moving and where we are going.

The ESG Portal rating allows the objective measurement of progress in ESG matters. It can also be used by organizations as a turning point for their business, since many consumers, as well as potential collaborators, investors and partners are looking for sustainable organizations. The ESG Portal rating represents a powerful communication tool, which shows in the most concise way the positioning of an organization in the landscape of sustainable development.

The aspects considered in the process of assigning the ESG rating are those contained in the ESG Portal platform. In summary they mainly concern:

Your ESG Portal Rating

To obtain the ESG Portal Rating, register your Company on ESG Portal and select "Rating" upon purchasing. You will be able to choose whether to publish your ESG Portal Declararion or to use the answers to the questionnaire only for the purpose of obtaining the ESG Portal Rating.


Companies that have started implementing and applying the ESG Portal requirements. Compliance score between 30% and 50%.


Companies that have shown a discrete or good compliance with the ESG Portal requirements. Compliance score between 51% and 70%.


Companies that have shown objective maturity in understanding and applying ESG principles. Great or excellent compliance with the ESG Portal requirements. Compliance score between 71% and 100%.

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