What is ESG Portal and who conceived it

Nowadays, almost every company describes its activities, its performance and its results achieved in the field of sustainability, without referring to a clear and standard framework.

The Project aims mainly at helping businesses show the way they operate and the measures adopted to meet the growing demands of the market about sustainable development, in complete transparency and through a common model based on internationally recognized schemes.

A web platform which allow companies to illustrate their actions and result in a transparent, standard and sustained manner is made available through ESG Portal.

For the development of this initiative, the definition of a reporting framework played an essential role. The framework includes all the common KPIs, which help organizations show both their current situation and their future improvement targets.

The proposed model is one of a kind and is based on the following key elements, which make up the architecture of the system:

Each Declaration consists of these sections:

Therefore, the platform stands as a sort of technical-scientific social platform without forum. It will be a showcase to the world about environmental, social and economical aspects.

ESG Portal Benefit Corporation

The “S.r.l. Società Benefit (SB)”, (known in the U.S. as Benefit Corporation), introduced in 2016 in the Italian legal system, is a new legal status for companies representing an evolution of the very concept of Company.

While traditional companies exist with the only purpose to distribute dividends to their shareholders, Benefit Corporations are the expression of a more highly evolved kind of organization. In their corporate purpose, they combine the profit targets with the objective to have a positive impact on both the society and the biosphere.

The Benefit Corporation is a new legal tool which creates a solid foundation for long term mission alignment and shared value creation. A significant part of the profits is allocated for mutual benefit initiatives, as declared in our corporate bylaws.

Part of the profits will be addressed to support measures for people and businesses under the control of the ethics committee. For example, interventions are designed to provide:

All the action taken will be reported in a clear and verifiable way through this Website.

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